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Sarms are highly effective at increasing a uses strenght by specifically targeting the receptors within your muscles to work in overdrive mode. This results in very impressive gains all round.

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By targeting joints and muscle tissue, sarms speed up the recovery process of damage to muscle tissue from tough training sessions 

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 By burning fat stores for energy instead of carbohydrates, sarms boost fat loss while maintaining bulk muscle

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If you’ve wanted to train harder and longer than ever before then you’ve gotta research sarms for greater endurance in all athletic forms

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Get strong

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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMs) are a novel class of cutting-edge performance enhancing supplements which exhibit similar effects to androgenic drugs but are much more selective in their actions and have minimised side effects. They work by binding to your androgen receptors, through targeted tissue selection.

SARMs represent a step towards safer class of androgenic supplements and their usage extends beyond muscle building and fat loss and well into the medical space as the medical applications are limitless.

SARMS were in fact created by accident. In the early Nineties a Professor James T Dalton was working on cutting edge treatments for Prostate cancer. When he stumbled across molecule andarine (The first SARM) , although molecule anadarine was not very effective with regards to treating prostate cancer, it showed remarkable effects on enhancing muscle growth.

SARMS development has come a long way since then and these days there are SARMS for all sorts of physical enhancements. The most notable use is in the Body Building world where incredible gains in physical strength and muscle are achieved as well as the promotion of lean muscle and fat loss. In the medical space, there are countless peer reviewed studies that show the medical applications of SARMS in conditions that result in muscle loss, Chemotherapy recovery and weight management to name but a few. In short, SARMS are the cutting edge of medical innovation.

Nutrobal Mk-677 MAXX

Nutrobal Mk-677 MAXX is an effective compound that is very capable of delivering significant lean muscle gain, enhance energy levels, boost confidence, improve sleep and decrease recovery time. The recommended starting dose for Nutrobal Mk-677 MAXX is 10mg per day of which is maintained throughout an 8-12-week cycle.

Nutrobal MK-677 MAXX

YK-11 Advantage

YK-11 Advantage is a powerful compound that is very capable of delivering impressive results at low doses. At a low dose of 5mg per day, one can expect nice muscle gains with a short cycle of 4 weeks, although an 8-week cycle would be ideal.

YK-11 Advantage


5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin is an effective compound that will assist with building muscle, burning fat stores, enhance physical performance, reduce recovery time, and lower cortisol. The recommended starting dose for 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is 70mg per day for a 4-12-week cycle period.