YK-11 Advantage

YK-11 Advantage is categorised as a Myostatin inhibitor, Myostatin and Follistatin are naturally occuring compounds that are found within the human body. Bodybuilders generally have low levels of myostatin and this means that they can build muscle mass quickly, YK-11 Advantage keeps a users levels of myostatin in a range that allows for them to build muscle mass when he or she wants.

YK-11 Advantage by lowering the levels of myostatin and increasing the levels of follistatin. Users are able to increase their muscle mass without any side effects.

How Does YK-11 Advantage Work?

In many ways, a myostatin inhibitor is similar to a SARM (Specific Androgen Receptor Modulator) In the case of a SARM, the compound works on the androgen receptors that are found within a persons body, thereby producing the same effect of increase hormone levels without actually converting into actual hormone.

In a similar fashion, YK-11 Advantage will result in a user being able to pack on more skeletal muscle mass, through improved production of follistatin which encourages more muscle development and growth.

Benefits Of YK-11 Advantage

Below our team at GMT Labs have listed a number of benefits of using YK-11 Advantage .

  • Lean muscle can be built and even enhanced without the risk of water retention. This never happens when you are taking normal supplements or even myostatin inhibitors. YK-11 Advantage helps you to build those muscles without the slightest side effect to the rest of the human body.
  • Using YK-11 has been found to result in significant growth of size and strength of muscles in the body. There has also been the positive effect of hardened muscles in the human body. These have been as good for bodybuilders as any normal protein supplement for exercises and athletics.
  • Based on how YK-11 works, there is a drastic increase in levels of follistatin and an equally notable decrease in the levels of myostatin in the human body. This inverse effect causes more muscle growth and development for both men and women.
  • Steroids are generally associated with side effects. Many of these side effects can be quite complex and severe in nature. There are increased risks of infections and ailments. There are also swollen limbs and mood swings which can be most infuriating. There are no such adversities to be found when YK-11 is used for growing muscle mass. There are only mild effects that can be solved easily
  • Other supplements and inhibitors do not allow you to stretch your muscle beyond genetic constraints. But this will not happen if you take YK-11 which allows you to cross the genetic levels and grow muscle beyond genetic boundaries of your body.
  • The muscle growth in the human body will occur more naturally due to YK-11 supplements as compared to other supplements that provide hormones and myostatin in the human body. This is because the muscle development will be out of a natural reaction between the inhibitors and the existing levels of myostatin and follistatin.
  • For professional-level bodybuilders, there will be more enhanced muscle mass as a consequence of their exercise routine. After the intense weight-lifting exercises, the muscles of bodybuilders feel more puffed up and full and they will also be long-lasting even without a single repair of the same. They will also be healthier and easily recoverable on the right diet.