Are SARMS Legal?

Sarms are legal for the purposes of conducting research. All persons are legally able to conduct their own research with these compounds. These products are not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition.

What happans to my body after a SARMS Cycle?

After a cycle on GMT Labs products your androgen receptors will simply return back to their normal modulation or repair and growth over a 2-3 week period. This will mean that you will begin getting sore again after training, your strength may decrease slightly over-time (dependant on your training) and your recovery times may also slightly reduce compared to while being on GMT Labs products. There are no massive changes however after stopping our products and this is due to Sarms not being an artificial hormone. When one stops an anabolic steroid, their hormones are left unbalanced, testosterone levels fall below baseline and estrogen levels increase. Sarms will not create this huge imbalance albeit a small decrease in natural testosterone over long periods (8-12 weeks) which is negated by the Recovery products we stock and/or the use of natural test boosters.

Can woman use SARMS?

Since Sarms are not hormone based compounds they are safe for women to use. Female researchers should also be aware that product MK-677 is an advanced lean muscle builder, therefore females must understand that if they use this product that their weight will go up on the scales, however if a clean diet is run alongside this product the weight gained will be lean muscle mass and a drop in body fat will also occur.

What happens if my products arrive broken or faulty?

Simply take a photo of the bottle and email it to: ; once the issue has been assessed we will follow up with an email that your replacement is on its way.

Why should I consider purchasing GMT Lab products?

All our products are 100% pharmaceutical grade products. We have excellent quality and only produce products if the raw compounds are 99.% and above. This is what makes GMT Labs products world-class. We also have a teach of chemists that work on adding natural compounds to enhance our SARMS and help our users reach monster gains that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

If I order online, how long till my products arrive?

Orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday will be packaged up that day and sent off. For all domestic areas postage is next day delivery (excluding Friday orders due to the weekend) and rural areas can expect 1 -2 day delivery. International order can take between seven to 10 days, however we endeavour to have our products delivered as fast as possible. All tracking is included and emailed upon same-day despatch.

How long does it take to feel or see any improvement?

Our products are engineered to enhance your existing training routine. Some of our users claim to feel results almost immediately, generally speaking the results will speak for themselves once one to two weeks have passed.

I want to build lean muscle, which SARM should I take?

MK-677 MAXX is a potent muscle builder. With heavy lifting in the gym and an increase in calories within ones diet you can expect to gain between 4 – 8kg on a cycle.

I want to burn body fat, Which SARM should I use?

MK-677 MAXX is also designed to increase lean muscle mass and subsequently increase metabolism and burn off more energy and decrease body fat. Using MK-677 will rapidly assist in the metabolism of body fat.

What is the Shelf Life of your Products?

GMT Labs SARMS have a shelf life of approx. two years before they start to degrade and loose potency.