Our Testimonials

SARMS development has come a long way since then and these days there are SARMS for all sorts of physical enhancements. The most notable use is in the Body Building world where incredible gains in physical strength and muscle are achieved as well as the promotion of lean muscle and fat loss.


When I first started on the products my max bench was 100kgs. I am not the biggest guy, but I like to think that I’m strong for my size. After 1 month of my MK-677 course I maxed out on 125kgs. This is HUGE for me! Keen to see the progress to come!

Paul Andre Venter (South Africa)

I tried Nutrabol (same as MK-677) when I was in the states and wanted to get my hands on something similar here in RSA. This MK-677 MAXX product is incredible!!! Much much better than the version I tried in the states. Faster recovery, bigger gains, and increased strength. Loving the product.

Pitso Siya (South Africa)

The results have been amazing from MK-677 MAXX. Better exercise, improved mood, NO side effects, and I have even noticed that my sleep is improved.

Ashraf Naidoo (South Africa)

So far so good, initially I only saw minor changes but after a few weeks of my course I started seeing major gains and serious increases in my strength.

Aiden Sampson (South Africa)

I was a big sceptic at first but decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. With a combination of my improved diet and better workout regime, 5a-Laxogenin Forte made it an incredibly easy to fully transition into it. From day 1 I felt more energy and motivation to take on my new regime. It has been amazing!!

Stephan Reuter (South Africa)

Gains! Gains! Gains! MK MAXX= beast mode!

Mikaeel M (South Africa)

I have always wanted more Stamina and strength when I was boxing, but the exercises that my coach gave me just never pushed me to the next level. After making a spontaneous decision to do something about it, I got myself a course of YK-11. Within the first week, both myself and my coach were blown away by my improved performance. Increased Stamina, more strength and really NO side effects at all!!

Tinashe Msimang (South Africa)

I am a fitness fanatic and pride myself on being in peak shape. Recently I started to feel unmotivated and fatigued when I exercised (Also due to this pandemic) but it started showing in my body and I started losing shape. I started looking into trying supplements that work, but I did not want the side effects… I came across 5-a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin and decided to give it a try. All my confidence was restored, and I felt like I went through a life changing experience, within just a few days of supplementing. I am probably at my best performance levels that I have been at in YEARS. I am only halfway through my course and am overly excited to see results to come.

Pierre Mostert (South Africa)

As a female participating in the exercise space, I never wanted to take “hardcore” supplements or steroids because I was scared of the side effects. I got told about trying GMT Labs Laxogenin Forte to help give me a little performance boost, so I thought I would give it a go. After only a few days of using it I can comfortably say that I have already noticed a big improvement in my performance. I already feel so much fitter with my exercises feeling noticeably easier. I am overly excited about using this product. Highly recommended.

Bex Stevenson (South Africa)

Not only has my fitness, strength and performance improved drastically and in such a short period of time. YK-11 Advantage has also been incredible for my libido! It has made me feel more like a man again!! Incredibly pleased with the results so far.

JP Van Eeden (South Africa)

I have never explored supplementing further than taking a little pre-workout and some whey protein for gym but read up a lot about the benefits (and lack of side effects) of 5a-Laxogenin. 3 days into trying Laxogenin Forte my energy levels rapidly shot up, my recovery rate was halved, and I experienced additional beneficial side effects (my mood was lifted, and I felt super motivated to take on the world). It has been over a month of me using it now and I am actually blown away by the results. I have not made huge gains, but I have become a lot more shredded and my strength levels are the highest they have ever been! This was the best thing I could have ever done.

Tapiwa Chibaya (South Africa)